Type Three Tuning Page -- Back seat

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As a rare dealer option there was a special hinge that could be installed in place of the stock hinges that the rear seat uses. These hinges would allow the rear seat to swing up like normal for increased cargo capacity AND they could also allow the seat to "slide" (really it would extend) further forward to allow more sleeping room. This is great for camping, particularly if you are taller than 5'10" (like me). These are currently very rare. I think it was a mistake on VW's part not to include these special hinges as a stock item as they greatly increase the vehicles marketability.
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What the hinges look like:
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The hinges require the use of what I will call an earlier model seat cusion retaining cable. This image shows my stock '72 (or late model) cable mount and next to it is the needed earlier style. Instead of cutting my seat apart and welding in the earlier style I simply used an earlier seat. I did have to cut a slot in the 'new' seat so my tunnel-mounted seat latch would fit inside and thus allow me to put the 'new' seat cusion all the way down for passenger seating.

Close up of sleep-in hinge mounted to seat. Notice that U-channel for the under seat backing has been cut (and cold-chisled) away as well as material removed from the backing so the hinge can fit. Additional images:  Image7.jpg  Image8.jpg

The stock hinge pins are too small so if the kit doesn't come with the proper pins you have to make them. I used 1/4" 304 stainless steel, cut to 3 1/4" with a slit down the middle using my cut-off wheel, slightly crushed it in a bench vise, oiled the bushings in the hinges, and tapped the hinge pin in. Noooooo problem!
Seat extended   Closer