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Allen Moore explains how to install the center brake line.

> Is the master cylinder on a 72-73 T3 bigger than the master cylinder on my 67 (disc brakes)?

No, all of them, even the simplex MCs, are 19mm.

> I'm thinking about using som 72/73 calipers which are bigger than the 66-71 calipers. Do I have to change the master cylinder?

No, your old MC will be fine. The late calipers are larger, but their bores are all the same, 42mm. Be careful, though, ATe used the same caliper casting for many OE applications, so you can find these with several different bores, but only the 42mm bore was for type 3s. The same caution applies to the early, smaller, casting.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
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Jim Adney's FAQ on silicone brake fluid.