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>Are there different years of disc brake stuff?
There are three:
'66 to mid '68 -- small caliper, small spindle diameter
Mid '68 to late '71 -- small caliper, large spindle diameter
Late '71 to '73 -- large caliper, large spindle diameter.
There is a 4th caliper (rare, option M594), the giant 4-pot caliper found on 72-73 Variant II Squarebacks sold in Sweden.

The pad for the normal 72-73 Variant and 411 caliper is the same as rear pads on all 75-90 Volvo 240s.

Cross-drilling and slotting help in releasing gas build-up between the pad and disc during hot-n-heavy breaking. They also allow water to be channeled away more quickly. The vented ones can also help in the cooling of the disc during heavy use.

No, cross-drilling a disc will not crack it unless you use your T3 to race and brake a LOT, constantly!

Vented discs help in cooling the disc but nobody makes such a disc for our cars. I would believe the reason is the small thickness of our discs, and thus calipres, when compared to vented discs which, overall, are much thicker.

Is it worth it? Well, I know that disc pads can come with a slot in the middle of the pad and this helps with gassing and water dispersion. For the stock T3 a slotted pad and the stock brakes are very good. My discs are cross-drilled to help cool them but since I have done no formal testing I cannot say whether this has helped or not. I do know that my wet weather braking is better. As a custom modification, cool looks and inexpensive cost all factored together I think it was worth it.

I had mine done by C.H.Topping & Co. located in California. At the time it was $35/rotor. They do chamfer the holes. Give them a ring at (562)432-0901.
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  C.H.Topping & Co.
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