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Type3 badge found only on Austrailian vehicles. These were mounted on the front fender behind the head light. Permission granted by Keith Parks
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First, thanks to Robert who said:
>>McMaster Carr does have the rubber your are seeking. I would recommend
using commercial grade neoprene rubber for it's good weather resistance
properties.  Go with the Shore 70A durometer.  You can even get adhesive
backed rubber if you desire. Go to their site & enter catalog page number
"3247" in the "find products" box and you will be ready to order.

I called my local Phoenix rubber place and ended up sourcing a 12"x12" sheet
of 1/16" rubber.  A few quick cuts of the razor blade and my scissors and
the seals were made:

It was a commercial rubber and hose place and the guy liked my sad "need
rubber for my rare VW Ghia" story so he traded me the rubber for a can of
soda out of the machine at his work.  Cool. :)

Everett Barnes
'63 361, '66 343
Phoenix, AZ