Type Three Tuning Page -- Engine

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Engine Mapping Flywheel Flywheel Intake Intake Intake Crankshaft Crankshaft Crankshaft Drive Gear Crankshaft Drive Gear Fan Housing Fan Housing Crankshaft Pulley Crankshaft Pulley Oil Strainer Oil Strainer Camshaft Camshaft Oil Pump Oil Pump Fan Fan Injector Injector Injector Valve Valve Oil Cooler Oil Bath Air Cleaner Oil Bath Air Cleaner Cylinder Head Cylinder Head Spark Plug Spark Plug Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Piston Piston Ignition Distributor Ignition Distributor Connecting Rod Connecting Rod Thermostat Thermostat Cylinder Cylinder Not pictured:
Generator  Fuel Injection  Carbs  Exhaust
1963 Variant Specifications. Thanks to Henrik Larson.
"Allt om Volkswagen 1500" (eng. All about Volkswagen 1500) and the printing information on the last page is: "Specifications subject to change without notice - Design Bruckhoff BDW - Printed in Germany 2370 / 55.000 / 10.62 Uppl. 1".

Type IV Conversion Info

Subaru Conversion Info
Forced Induction Info (Nitrous Oxide, Supercharger, Turbo)

Gee, I could've had a V8! I don't have any information on this vehicle or how it was done, it's just here for your viewing pleasure.
Photographs by publisher Bröderna Lindströms förlag, 112 85 Stockholm, Sweden, for issue #5, 1994 of the Swedish publication "Power Magazine"