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Installing glass windows

> Howdy!! I need help with my rear window defrost. It doesn't work!!
> Where do I begin? I'm ignorant as far electrical goes. The strips on the
> window look to be in good condition.

It is likely that the strips on the window are shot. Measure the resistance end to end with an ohmmeter. If they measure less than 10 ohms they are great, 10-20 is mediocre, greater than 20 Ohms is worthless. Yours probably measures infinity.

> I need to replace the windshield on my '71 Squareback and was looking
> about pulling one from a donor car. Can anyone advise which years are
> compatible with the '71 or was the glass the same on all the
> Squarebacks?

Starting in 71, VW introduced extra clip-strips -- between the gasket and the body that you will only find after you take the windshiled off -- to help retain the windshield in a crash. These strips only work with the late gasket and late windshield. All the parts WILL swap if you move ALL of them from one car to the other. To make room for these the late windshields are slightly smaller. If you install an earlier windshield, or almost any aftermarket replacement, you should use the early gasket and omit the retainer strips.

Whichever you use, the external appearance will be the same.

Jim Adney