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If your car has the three mounting tabs inside the light buckets, you can put in regular Golf Mk1 headlights. These fit on the three tabs mentioned and are easily available for a cheap buck at FLAPS or FLVWPS etc. The Polo and Golf Mk2 lights are different, but the "baywindow" Transporter (68-79) and LT van uses the same light units. ~Per Lindgren
Early T-3 dimmer switches did not work the same as the late ones. They
actually had 2 fines wires threaded out through the arm to an actual
micro switch in the end of the arm. They are notorious for the wires
breaking through the insulation where they make the bend into the
column. These wires are constantly flexed every time you use your turn
I believe that VW changed this design in 1968.

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Quartz/Halogen Conversion for Type 3 Headlights document by Andy Russo