Type Three Tuning Page -- Pedal cluster

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>>>> ...I had trouble with the brake pedal sticking on my '74 bug.  To put
>>>> the problem to bed, I drilled & put in a grease fitting near the throttle
>>>> lever.  Worked like a dream & was easy to get at.

>> I did this on my '73, too. It was so long ago that I don't remember the 
>> details, but I know that I fit it so that it points straight up, where I can 
>> get at it with the grease gun in the future.
>> IIRC, there are several nesting tubes and one solid shaft that rotate 
>> independently in the pedal cluster. I mounted the Zerk fitting in the outermost 
>> one, and drilled a hole in the intermediate one, so that grease would flow into 
>> both bearings from that same Zerk.

Back in the '50's VW's, Volkswagen supplied that fitting. There was a
zerk behind the gas pedal.

-- Russ Wolfe