Type Three Tuning Page -- Side glass windows

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Bobnotch explains how to make new window scrapers:
...the rubber is attached to the chrome/aluminum window surround (commonly called a scraper). To fix this correctly requires disassembly of the doors.
You have to remove the glass run channel w/ its clips, and the wing window. On the last set I redid, I used a set of cheap bug seals / scrapers and drilled 
the rivits out of the bug trim. I then trimmed the bug ones down to the type3 length. I then drilled new locating holes in the bug scraper, and used some 1/8dia X 3/16long 
inch rivits (w/o the nail) and rivited them together (I used my vice as a backing plate, and a hammer and punch). I then reassembled them. This worked great, 
and only cost a fraction of what new type3 ones are going for.

and 73Notch says:
...what i did was i got some bus rubbers and riveted them to my existing scrapers, fit superbly, all you need to do is poke hole in the bus rubber 
where the rivets go and shorten it a little...