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Ever wonder why those ratty front vent window seals that you replaced at $36ea leak like a sieve now and the old ratty ones didn't?? Well I did!

These are a rather complex seal and when the repo'd them they left off one important part... THE DRAIN HOLE! As far as I know ALL of the repo's are missing them. They are a poor fitting seal to begin with but these seals are designed to drain the water along the bottom and down through a rectangular drain hole (look at your old one) into the door. YES! Into the door, contrary to popular opinion these window seals are not to keep the water out of the door, only the debris. Our doors very seldom rust through anyway.

This hole must be cut into the seal to allow for drainage or you will NEVER get them to seal. If the seal fits too deeply into the lower groove then you must cut a small notch in the lower ridge to allow proper drainage. Look at the seal carefully, pour a cup of water onto it, and see where it gets through and just use your head.

These seals will never seal out the 90MPH blowing rain (been there, mopped up after that!) but how often do we see this? With a little noodling and a drain hole it is possible to live with them and avoid the DARKNESS of single piece windows (which also don't fit well and have their own problems!) -- Keith Park

>...[The thieves] got in by forcing the vent wing window in on the passenger 
> side door.  They broke the latch/lock but not the window which is good.  It 
> looks like it is riveted on there.
> Is is hard to replace this part?  Does anyone on the list have one they want 
> to sell?  Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I have replaced them withour pulling the glass. You need to drill the
original rivets from the bottom, and then working the old latch out from
under the glass.
Then lubricate the new latch and slide it under the glass, and re-rivet
with pop-rivets.
>>If you just replace the wing itself, where do you get the special rivet
>> and fiber washer that goes back in the upper hinge?
> I've got 'em, but I don't know how to set the rivets in place. Do you have the 
> special tool that will let me do this with the window in place?

Use a center punch to start the peen, then switch to a small ball
bearing and a pair of visegrips  to finish it. I pad the top part so
as not to scratch it.
Russ Wolfe
'71 FB AT
'66 FB MT
'64 T34 (not running)
'65 T1 (not running)