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Swing arm differences between the monoposto (2006) and biposto (2007) as well as a stock tail vs. chopped.

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My Italian Mistress


March 13, 2010, I get my first sport bike, a 2006 Sport Classic 1000 monosposto. Unfortunately I got a cold and had to have her delivered but I did <ahem> force myself around the block once.

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Ducati clutch cover install


One of the most basic -- and easiest -- changes a rider can make to their Duc is to change the dry clutch cover with an after-market unit. Here's how to do it!

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Grips and TankSlapper install


Replacing my stock grips with Driven's Skullys; TankSlapper film on tank.

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LED tail light install


Replacing the 1157 tail light bulb with a LED unit.

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Sato Sliders


Sato Sliders, front axle and frame, on my Sport Classic 1000

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Ducati voltage regulator/rectifier relocation


Simple procedure to move the stock Ducati voltage regulator/rectifier from under the seat to under the seat pan. This puts the VR in a location that gets MUCH more air flow to help keep it cool.
1June2011 Update: Added additional pictures for mounting a home-made MOSFET R/R bracket.

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Wolfgang's Gauge Lowering Mounts


One of the members on made a batch of black anodized gauge lowering brackets and I was able to buy a pair! What they do is move the gauges slightly rearward so they can clear the headlight bucket and tip the front of the gauges downward, thus changing the angle of the gauge faces. Instead of the gauges facing your chest they now face, well, your face.

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ROOF helmet


After roughly 8+ years I finally got a new helmet. I agonized about getting a jet-style helmet but the thought of no lower jaw protection just doesn't sit well with me. I wanted a modular helmet but the US made units just don't look much of a touring look and I wanted something that looked good on my Italian steed. I came across and found several helmets I liked but I kept going back to the French designed ROOF RO5 Boxer V8, Graphic Orange. Here it is...

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