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DDB Campout 2008


The DDB club went camping August 19-21 at the Santiam River park near Sweet Home, Oregon. We arrived the evening of the 19th.

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DDB Campout 2008467 viewsFound our spot so popped the top and let the kids out.Nov 09, 2008
The First Type III Invasion, 20021042 viewsDuring our caravan towards home, with the T3's mixed within traffic, I was transported back to my childhood days when air-cooled Volkswagens were more prevalent. There were moments when I was swept up in nostalgia and the many trips our family made…"I have to go to the bathroom!" and "Are we there yet?" whispered in the air that enveloped our air-cooled time-machines.Mar 05, 2008
DDB BBQ and PIR Show 2007464 viewsJul 30, 2007
Woodburn Bug-In 2007269 viewsJun 03, 2007
CFTC 2007476 viewsOrange-metalic paint. Nice looking Notchback.May 07, 2007
My 1/2 parcel tray299 viewsApr 16, 2007
Single-wheel Trailer280 viewsTrailer parked at home.Apr 04, 2007
Under-dash parcel tray593 viewsInstalled and what it is. Simply a tray that installs under the dash. My particular model uses a synthetic webbing inside the frame. Rubber trim surrounds the metal frame on the front and sides while the back is black metal trim.Mar 09, 2007