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My Navy DazeImages of my active service time in the US Navy, 1987-1990. Photographs are scanned because I was in the service before digital photography.
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PHS ReunionsPhilomath High School reunions for class of '85
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Kurt Day


18August2007 the world loses yet another bachelor...Kurt Gunderson, you will be missed!

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Brook & Heather's Wedding


Brook & Heather's wedding at the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. 29Feb2008. Very nice wedding.

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1971 Westy, sold!


Here's our first Bus, a 1971 Westy. She was free, had no engine, and was seriously cosmetically-challenged. We sold her as the interior was in good shape and it got my sweetie motivated to get a working Bus so we could take the kids camping.

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Our new backyard!


A local landscaping company called "Seven Dees" did the work through The Home Depot contractor services.

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Kale's Birthday 2008


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Pedal car


I got this beat up, spray painted, rusting toy at the Portland Auto Swapmeet for a reasonable price. Got a guy who does paint on the side to smooth out the body and paint it. I used 3M undercoating for the interior/underside. I replaced all the fasteners with stainless steel and had AccuKraft Inc. (503-681-9151) put their industrial vinyl coating on the steering wheel to protect it and give my little drivers some comfort.

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Heather & Kyles Wedding


Wedding at The Sons of Norway hall in Poulsbo, WA, December 17, 2011.

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Salas 50th Anniversary


Dan & Pat Salas 50th wedding anniversary.

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WorldMark Kihei


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