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258 viewsMimi getting the grays out! The day before we left the mainland.
Day 1261 viewsArrived! Relaxin' Ed Bundy style.
Bubba Gumps285 viewsWe had to hit our favorite local shrimp restaurant! It was odd to be in Maui and have the streets so deserted -- I liked it! During our first visit here (in 2007) the town was very busy.
Still there!260 viewsA wreck left in the shallows, I guess to warn others and help build the reef. Picture taken from inside Bubba Gumps while waiting for our food.
291 viewsMy Sweetie, waiting for chow.
285 viewsLooked like a local paddling his board out into the surf.
274 viewsSame boat, just with the sun setting around it. Picture taken from the park.
Day 2283 viewsMe relaxing on the lanai (patio). We were on the second floor this time.
276 viewsThe view to the left of the lanai.
Lunch at Leilani's Island Steakhouse (Ka'anapali Beach)281 viewsGoooood food! I'm sharing my spoils with the locals.
279 viewsMe snorkeling. Well, trying to. The visibility was really poor this time due to the after effects of a storm that occurred near New Zealand a few days earlier.
281 viewsSunset as seen from our living room window.
279 viewsYup, same sunset.
Day 3278 viewsTried snorkeling again. Fail.
276 viewsJust me diving down to get a better look at some fishies.
277 viewsThis Bus belonged to one of the life-guards. Cool.
Honolua Bay249 viewsThat's me in the middle, getting ready for some snorkeling. Unfortunately, there was a storm a week ago around New Zeland and its turbulence hit Hawai'i while we were there so visibility was 10 feet at best. Great weather for surfing, terrible for snorkeling.
289 viewsPicture of A's ring on our way back to the car. As we walked the path the air was heavy with the foreign smell of ripened fruits on the trees and decaying ones one the ground.
South of Honolua Bay258 views
Sebring convertible282 viewsWe originally had a Jeep. That lasted only a couple hours and we called in for a replacement vehicle. A Jeep is NOT a driver's car: Poor pedal placement, bouncy, wanders, uneven acceleration. The height was nice. The Sebring was better but it's definitely not a car I would own nor recommend. Even Antonette called it gutless!
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