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321 viewsTaken apart with the rear case fully removed.
321 viewsCloser-up. Exploded view. Notice pin is came to us broken.
330 viewsLeft to right: Rear of gear box with rearward ring, laying on table is planetary ring, behind that is the forward ring, and behind that is a thin plastic washer.
331 viewsInside of forward gear and planetary gear mating teeth.
329 viewsInside of rearward gear and planetary gear mating teeth.
318 viewsRearward gear with original grease. The "B" means back lift box.
335 viewsThe pin is missing. Looks melted...??? Without this pin set in the case halves the planetary ring rotates and doesn't allow the forward gear to rotate properly.
331 viewsAll the bearings are roller bearings and they are held in with the grease. When cleaning the grease and wiping the bearings they will most likely fall out so work over a soft, plush towel to keep them from bouncing away. Pack the bearings and cage surfaces with fresh grease and slip any fallen bearings back in. You should see no gaps between the bearings. Pack more grease in when they're all in and roll them around with your finger to spread the fresh grease around. It will hold them in there.
331 viewsI ground the planetary pin level and then drilled a 3/16" hole in it to a half-inch depth. I got a piece of 3/16" rod from the local hardware store, beveled the edge, then pushed it into the hole.
334 viewsThe new pin in the hole, ready for welding.
326 viewsPin welded in and ground. The gears are plastic and so after each weld you need to dip the pin into water to cool it down otherwise the plastic holding the pin will I found out. But the plastic didn't melt too badly and the original pin is still secure.
328 viewsPlanetary gear in position and pin marked where it needs to be cut.
332 viewsRepaired pin cut, ground further, and beveled. Fits in the hole nicely! Remember, the planetary ring will move side-to-side so make sure the pin isn't butted against the end of the hole. Allow for the movement.
332 viewsBearing grease (red) applied on the planetary teeth for mating to the rearward gear. I followed the instructions for the "new" teeth so I hope this is okay for the "old" teeth. I think it should be.
331 viewsSame thing for forward gear.
346 viewsIndexes all lined up. Ready for the case halves to be mated now.
346 viewsThe repaired pin in place. Thin plastic washer goes between the gear (front and rear gears) and the case.
Reference: Rear gear box, rear side.343 viewsRear side of rear gear box. Steel roll pin is 3/16" diameter by 1-1/2" long. This is where the crank handle connects. The zinc washer is 2" diameter with a 3/4" hole and is a tad thicker than the original one (I couldn't find a thin one). The grommet between the washer and case is 1-5/8" outside diameter (OD) and 1/4" thick so it's just slightly thinner than the original one.
Reference: Rear gear box, front side.339 viewsFront side of rear gear box. Steel roll pin is 3/16" x 1-1/4". This is where the drive shaft fits.
346 viewsPermatex 2A gasket silicone is what I smeared on the mating surfaces of the case half instead of using a gasket.
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