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277 viewsUnderside of the seat. What the latch looks like. Under panel removed to show details.
265 viewsSlit in back edge of seat where original pull strap came from. Pass the line through this slit.
264 viewsLine pulled through. Original pull strap can be seen around latch. Typically the strap will break but leave the loop part intact.
249 viewsIf the original strap loop is intact you can loop the line through it. In my case I decided to loop it through the loop and over the latch.
249 viewsPush line back through slit and tie off. I used a simple slip knot with this particular type of line.
258 viewsDrift the hinge pins back in. Tap in with a hammer then use the drift to finish. When inserting or removing the hinge pins it's easiest to drift them in the direction of center-of-car to outside. Applying a thin coat of oil or grease helps insertion and operation of hinge.
278 viewsAll done and ready for use!
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