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220 viewsThat is one BIG fur ball! Spider, Bitsy, and Itsy. My first foster cats! November 2005. All three kittens lived in the main bathroom until Itsy figured out how to get out. Thank goodness they already learned how to use the litter box. Antonette fell in love with Spider and we adopted him. That makes me a foster parent failure...I adopted one of my fosters :-)
204 viewsGrr! Grr! Spider doing what he does best, getting into trouble.
199 viewsBistsy found her way into the garbage can.
199 viewsAll three kittens sleeping in Bella's bouncy-chair. Bitsy, Itsy, and Spider.
201 viewsYou do realize that I'm the cutest kitten of the litter, right? (Spider)
198 viewsWhew, what a long day of play we've had! Sleepy-time.
197 viewsSelf-portrait. Well, it was until Spider decided to "help".
204 viewsSpider helping Antonette with her work.
195 viewsSpider helping Antonette with Christmas decorations.
195 viewsSpider and Lucky warming their bones next to the fire. It's a tough life.
198 viewsYa see Tye, you missed a spot behind your ears. Spider cleaning Tye.

I got Tye around June of 2006. He had spent too much time at the shelter and needed a break. Very talkative and assertive. He had "cage leg", basically he spent so much time in the cage that he couldn't jump very well. After a few weeks he was back to full mobility and much happier!
197 viewsTye and Spider eating together.
197 viewsTye watching that darned kitten "attack" the water bottle.
188 viewsTye's secret hideout. Shhh!
193 viewsSpider snoozin' with Ronin.
199 viewsShy Bobbi-Sue in her favorite spot, the baby's bassinet. Nov.2006
201 viewsZeus showin' belly. What a happy cat he is. Dec.2006.

Zeus is another adult (my preference) that needed some time away from the shelter. A very mellow, affectionate, "rub my belly" cat who enjoys a warm bed or lap. He's on a hypo-allegenic diet (green peas and duck), which he's not very fond of, but there's not much else he does like. Belly-rubbin' is more important to him than food, anyways :-)
208 viewsZeus kicking back with Ronin.
203 viewsPah-leezzzzze let us out, we won't go far! Spider and Hannah looking out the front screen.
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