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209 viewsView from roof at location where it's going.
210 viewsView from south east corner.
207 viewsLooking into backyard where shed will go.
209 viewsView from patio to new location.
222 viewsPanoramic view of property front. Shed will be in backyard on right side of image.
255 viewsI removed the sod layer and two shovel widths to depth over the course of a rainy week and my back said, "Screw you!" So I hired a local site prep. contractor and he excavated the rest of the site for me in a couple hours.
A quick way to drop the ride height of your ride over an inch!239 viewsMy trusty baby hauling 14, 4"x4"x8' boards and ground cover (inside, in the extended cargo area). A semi-show car and she still has to come out of the garage from time to time and help out :-)
Making the rebar "staples"271 viewsLooking at the site, I decided to put rebar on the outside of the wood perimeter. To give it a custom, finishing touch, I decided to weld the two pins together and thus give it a stapled look. So I fired up the air compressor and dragged out my MIG welder (both Craftsman from Sears...very nice!). After rebar is nailed into the earth and flush with the top of the lumber, cut top portion of rebar to length. I kept the length short so the top piece only covered half of the top of the pin. This gave an "L" profile, allowing plenty of space for placing a good welding bead. Wire-wheel the ends clean and a spot for the MIG welding clamp to make good electrical contact.
272 viewsClamp pins close together, place top of "staple" into position, and weld the pieces together.
263 viewsFinished. This process took me 4.5 hours to complete but was well worth it. Now the 4"x4" pressure treated lumber is locked into position.
282 viewsContractor-grade weed barrier was laid down from the fence line to the outside edges of the lumber. This picture shows the gray material in the main area where the shed will be placed. The 1/2" round river rock is already laid into the area along the fence line.
266 viewsHow the river rock is contained, using plastic rock that's simply staked into the ground (looks good past 10' ;-) ). Yes, I got creative on that last staple :-)
273 viewsAntonette & Bryan finishing breakfast that Antonette made for us. I had to borrow Bry's truck to get the -3/4 rock to the backyard. He also helped shovel the rock -- whatta friend! :-)
306 viewsTwo yards of -3/4, tamped down with a gas-powered tamper, and the base is ready for the shed...and my back and I are DONE!
300 viewsThe builders setting up the galvanized floor framing. I messed up :-( The site wasn't exactly square and I should've expanded the width an additional 3" for a total of 6" per side, left and right, to give a little more spacing between the shed and site walls. But the guys said it's no big deal and, overall, I did a really good job.
281 viewsFloor and back wall up.
280 viewsFour walls and rafters.
266 viewsTrimming and roof.
262 viewsDelivery truck got stuck in the soft earth. Another truck came along with the replacement door and helped tug it out. Minor damage to the lawn but easily patchable. Like I really care.
288 viewsFinished. View from roof.
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