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288 viewsInstalled and what it is. Simply a tray that installs under the dash. My particular model uses a synthetic webbing inside the frame. Rubber trim surrounds the metal frame on the front and sides while the back is black metal trim.
281 viewsDetail of one of the mounting screws.
280 viewsLooking down at the driver's side.
276 viewsHow the parcel tray looks out of the car but with the back-splash clipped in.
273 viewsFor these pictures I don't have the back-splash inserted in the retaining clips but this shows how it's used to keep items from falling out the front of the parcel tray (remember, front of car is front).
273 viewsMy seat is all the way back and I have about six inches of space between my shin and the back of the parcel tray.
266 views"Capogrosso" sticker on the front metal trim of the parcel tray.
265 viewsLooking underneath at how it stays in: Four pointed screws push into the carpeting and, if really snugged tight, into the skin of the car. This is the front right corner and there's a screw at each corner. Thus the parcel tray is basically held in via's pushes on the sides of the cabin wall.
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