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Tanning the belly in Cancun
Creating the baby's room. Antonette and I did all the work, turning a plain room into a Classic Pooh theme.
Antonette painting the wainscoting
Video of room during "construction"-1  Tilt your head to the right to view.
Video of room during "construction"-2
Push-button light switch with dimmer and classic Pooh plate
Bella's crib
Quick video of [almost] finished room
Looking in from the doorway
From the foot of the bed
Wainscotting, trim, border and wall switch

The Birth of Bella Jade Shouldeen
Note: Lucky dog had just come back from ACL leg surgery and required medication every 12 hours. Brittany just got back from vet for asthma and required medication every 24 hours (mornings). So I had to go home in the morning AND evening to let Lucky out as well as administer medications. Not fun on icy roads with street tires and no traction devices!
5:30am Water breaks but no contractions. It's the worst day of winter this year and, of course, our only available vehicle is her Passat
~7:30am We check in to hospital. Her doctor, Dr. Stewart, won't be there and this proves to be psychologically troublesome for Antonette during examinations.
~11:00am Antonette goes on patossin (sp?) and an ever increasing supply of oxytocin to get her cervix moving
4:10pm Fentonal pain killer administered. Antonette VERY stressed out with attending doctor
6:00pm More fentonal
6:25pm Epidural installed. Flat tire on Passat, luckily I can use an original and get back to hospital
9:15pm Patossin increased
2:00am Dilated to 6cm and our nerves are frazzled, particularly Antonette's
5:25am Fully dilated
7:56am Oxygen administered; Antonette showing a very low-grade fever. New doctor and this greatly relieves Antonette
8:15am While helping Antonette with the pushing I saw Bella's little hairy head peek out
8:35am Bella successfully delivered!
6 pounds, 9 ounces and 19 inches long
11:15am Bella finally falls asleep in my arms and mommy is moved to resting room.

Click here for pictures and videos of the experience.