First, here's a picture of me when I was younger and invincible.

I was born just outside of San Jose in California. After second grade my family moved to Medford, Oregon with hopes of building a house on some property that my parents bought in the hills of Rogue River. Well, Thanksgiving Day the septic approval didn't pass. My parents sold the property and we moved to Eagle Point and that's where I spent fourth and fifth grade. We then moved northward to Philomath (it’s west of Corvallis) and that's pretty much where I grew up.

After graduating from Philomath High I entered college at Oregon State University and held a part time job washing dishes at Mazzi's Restaurant. Well, four terms later, 10 parking tickets and a GPA of 1.65 I left OSU in bad standing (imagine that!) and joined the U.S. Navy. Best mistake I ever made.

I was in the active Navy as a Sonar Technician, Surface, for three years stationed in Charleston, South Carolina, on the USS Deyo (DD989). The ship was considered the Cadillac of destroyers, which was cool, but my seniors were real losers (LIFERs). It was in the Navy that I decided I wanted to make something of myself and not be like the losers that surrounded me. April 1, 1990  I was honorably discharged from the active Navy.

That September I began attending Southern Oregon State College (now known as Southern Oregon University) in Ashland, Oregon, and proceeded to kick academic booty. I still had to perform active reserve duty in the Navy for the next three years, but money from that and the G.I. Bill helped me get through college (I put myself through). I was also a Resident Assistant for three years and really enjoyed it.

I graduated in 1994 with a BS in Computer Information Systems and two minors, Business Administration and Photography. My GPA was 3.44 and would've been quite higher if it weren't for those devil classes called Accounting. I was no longer a Navy reservist and had finally achieved third class petty officer.

I moved in with my dad in Corvallis and worked at Hewlett-Packard (this being the third time) and hoped to get hired into a permanent position, but they just kept dragging their heels. I became fed up and made the move to Portland where opportunities were much better. About a month later I became a 1975 COBOL programmer for a telemarketing company in Wilsonville. That job didn't bide too well with me and I ended up leaving. Again, about a month later, I found a job at Intel Corporation working as a technical support engineer for the FDIV addendum line. July 10th I became a blue badge (permanent employee) working as a Metrics Engineer for Intel Customer Support in Oregon. This is where I started down my path of being a business intelligence report developer.

I’ve worked for many of the top companies in the area (Intel, Nike, Yahoo!, etc.) both as a full-time employee and as a contractor in my field.  I started by specializing in Excel VBA and got pretty good with Access as well.  Now I’m reporting with Cognos and Tableau.

I have my wonderful Trini sweetie, Antonette, and our two kids Bella and Ronin.

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