EGR Disable for the 2.0L Engine by Toby Erkson

I couldn't find a pin removal tool, nor could I get anything I had, to remove the pin from the ECU harness plug so I unwrapped some of the cloth tape around the harness and clipped the #10 wire. I crimped on a male/female spade connection on the wires but covered them in electrical tape, that way if I have to re-enable the EGR system it's very simply done by removing the tape and plugging the connection together.

Any way, wrapped the harness back up so the spade connections aren't visible. I then removed the two plugs from the EGR components and wrapped them up in electrical tape and carefully tucked them out of harms way. I then taped over the connections where the plugs went. Just want to keep things clean...just in case I ever have to "go back". I then unplugged the vacuum line at the EGR frequency valve that goes to the EGR valve. Again, I plugged off the vacuum fitting on the EGR frequency valve and plugged the vacuum line. This keeps the whole system isolated and insures no vacuum will be 'felt' at the EGR valve. The next step would be to remove the connection from the EGR to the intake but since I will be installing a Brospeed header some time soon I'm not gonna fret about this part as I'm confident that the EGR valve is disabled and it is NOT allowing exhaust gas into my intake.

I reset the ECU and drove around -- hard! Not once did the CEL come on However, I can't say I can tell any difference. It seems to be a touch smoother during decel/acceleration. And it seems to have a touch more top end power. But I need to drive around more, let the OBD I settle in, before I can comment further. Plus there's the "butt dyno" factor which I do not like because it's completely inaccurate (never underestimate the conniving nature of your brain ) so everything I think I felt could all just be wishful thinking.

Anyway, wasn't difficult to do at all and could easily be done within 30-45 minutes, taking your time and wrapping everything in tape.

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