European Parking Light Conversion by Toby Erkson

This modification allows you to turn on the parking lights on the side of the car that is exposed to the street. It's particularly useful on dark streets and allows motorists to better see -- and avoid -- your car. Yes, you could simply leave your parking lights on but then your car wouldn't be as cool 

You park your car and remove the keys from the ignition switch. Put the turn signal stalk on the side of the street the car is exposed and that side will stay lit. So if you park on the right side of the street you would push down on the turn signal stalk -- like you were going to make a left turn -- and this will light up the left side since that's the side exposed to the street. Same thing goes for the right side but you push the turn signal stalk up, like you were making a right turn.

As a test, I've left my EPLs on all night and they didn't excessively drain the battery i.e. she starts right up in the morning. But I also use an Optima battery...

This does not disturb my after-market and stock alarms. They continue to operate normally.

I used Nicola DeZanche's instructions for this. His site seems to have been removed so here are my instructions. Not difficult to do but remember to see the diagram on the plug release on the relay/fuse panel (it's a slider) as I forgot to use it and it was a bitch to plug in the wires via a mirror!

These are the pictures I took and were only a supplement to Nick's instructions, however, I have added the electrical connection information.

Good luck with your conversion!

This is the upsidedown and back view of the ignition switch from the Bentley (page 48-6):

This table explains the various plugs and their terminals around the ignition switch (page 48-7):

This is the relay panel and shows where you will connect the two wires from the 7-point plug to the H2 plug:

Okay, you want to run a wire from plug A terminal 6 to plug E terminal 5. This is the power supply connection.

Wire the right parking lights by running a wire from plug E terminal 6, under the dash to the relay panel and into plug H2 terminal 2. Wire the left parking lights by running a wire from plug E terminal 4, under the dash to the relay panel and into plug H2 terminal 3. That's all there is to it!

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