First Jetta Dyno Session by Toby Erkson

I bought a gift certificate for a baseline dyno run on the Matrix Engineering dyno for $40 in December of 2002. Normally a $75 value, I figured why not? Great deal and I can finally get a baseline of my engine. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! 110-hp and 128-ft/lb...about 10-hp more than I expected 

During the dyno run...

...and after.

This is what has been done to the engine and drivetrain that would affect performance:
  1. Synthetic oil in engine and tranny
  2. Neuspeed P-Chip
  3. Cylinder compression upped from stock 9.6:1 to 10.5:1
  4. Modified air box:
    1. K&N air filter
    2. ATC flap removed, ATC intake routed from Kamei duct in front bumper
    3. larger fender air intake snorkle
  5. MagnaFlow 2.25" stainless steel exhaust system (cat-back)

Here are the results:

Picture color and resolution are a bit off because I was using my 1960's Polaroid camera.

But...the Mustang dyno isn't good for getting a basic, baseline run that can be COMPARED to other cars.


So with worthless results I waited my time, getting some new parts and formulated a new testing plan...
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