Third Jetta Dyno Session by Toby Erkson

To show accurate performance gains correctly one must change just one thing on the engine -- and ONLY one thing -- and dyno the car. Then change one other thing and dyno the car. Etc. This allows you to see EXACTLY what the change did, for better or worse. Some times you may get several bad dynos but then you get that one item that brings everything together and suddenly you see a big gain so don't fret too much over a bad run. Anyway, since I have to pay for all this stuff myself I fudged on this run...please forgive me!

I had an AutoTech 270 cam installed along with a TT chip programmed specifically to my engine. Those are the only two things changed. I know that the chip alone gave me a boost in performance and the cam (along with a chip programmed to use it) was the icing on the cake. Here's the end result:

102hp...much better! My air:fuel ratio is quite nice, rpm band smooth and plenty of low-down torque, great for getting around those damn tiny females slowly driving their over-sized SUVs and "mini-vans" in city and rural traffic! The car has power you can feel, the kind that pushes you back into your seat with gusto!

In case of any doubts, she passed Oregon's Emission Test:

I wonder if removing the stock exhaust header and putting on an after-market performance one would make a difference?...

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