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Okay, there are two ways to mount the U-bracket for the lower, outer mount.
  1. u-way  Easier to install, at least for the left side.
  2. n-way  Adds a tad more lift for less headlight adjustment. Slightly easier to install on right side.
Choose one, just make sure you do both the same way. It really doesn't matter which method you use.

I originally installed my e-codes using the u-bracket method but aiming the lights took a lot of adjustment. Fellow VW Vortexer "GlennJ" said he used [what I'll call] the n-bracket method and didn't have much of an adjustment issue. So, for sake of completeness, I described how to install the lights this way and this is how mine are installed. And I had less radical adjusting to do to aim my lights (the reflectors weren't heavily angled).

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