Neuspeed Short Shift Kit

Kit came with instructions but no torque settings so I'd recommend having the Bentley (my Haynes didn't even show the exploded diagram of the shift linkage, boooo ). It shows cotter pins holding the shift weight but mine actually had factory peened ends -- my inspection mirror helped me figure this little mystery out (why can't I feel a cotter pin? Doh...). Pretty easy, took just under an hour for me, and it works great at the 30% and 50% throws.

Here's the quick measurements:
Distance    Stock     30%     50%
1 -> 2         5.50"     4.00"     3.13"
R -> 5         5.25"     4.50"     4.25"

The distance was measured from the center of the stock gear shift knob and is the distance of the throw i.e from first to second. I noticed that the R-1-3-5 distance was moved closer to the neutral position, thus you don't need to reach as far forward when shifting. It feels a bit odd to have a reduced throw but I got used to it quickly. I tried the 30% and it was nice but switching to 50% is a 30 second change (that includes a coffee break :-) ) and that's what I'm currently using. Shifts stop the same way, so it's not a vague feeling whether you're in gear or not, it's just that you don't have to move the shifter as far.

This would also be a good time to bust open your shop manual and adjust the eccentric bushing on the shifter. You will want to adjust the shifter to close the gap between the urethane stops on the shifter and base.