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329 viewsMar 05, 2008
336 viewsI think the only reason Raul came to the Invasion was to catch up on some long-lost sleep :-)Mar 05, 2008
452 viewsMar 05, 2008
422 viewsMany volks were leaving this day in the afternoon. Here, Maddy helps Peter break camp.Mar 05, 2008
422 viewsDarned squirrels partied last night and didn't clean up!Mar 05, 2008
449 viewsRaul taking full advantage of the sleeping space available in his Square.Mar 05, 2008
507 viewsPer's favorite sign.Mar 05, 2008
367 viewsMar 05, 2008
457 viewsEagle-eye Per spots a treasure behind the Chevron gas station…Mar 05, 2008
Day 3: Sunday419 viewsCampsite for most of us.Mar 05, 2008
446 viewsKeith Park talks about the front beam that got away Keith's tech session on front beams while Ken (seated with water bottle) panics more and more about his beam.Mar 05, 2008
468 viewsPhoto opportunity in Nyssa (caravan after day 1 show). 22 cars total!Mar 05, 2008
Day 1: Friday436 viewsThe Oregon contingent lined up and ready to invade!Mar 05, 2008
478 viewsPer Lingren spent the week before and after the Invasion at my place. Unfortunately, I had to work during that time so I couldn't show our Norwegian Invasioner much of the area but I was able to have a couple of my friends take him out and show him around. Here he is raising the rear end of my baby in preparation for the Invasion.Mar 05, 2008
493 viewsBrooke's sweet ride.Mar 05, 2008
455 viewsMar 05, 2008
428 viewsPer gets a feel for driving my baby while Cindy and I exchange shots.Mar 05, 2008
473 viewsJacob looses his autotranny flex plate just outside of Pendelton. Martin is kind enough to drive his Fasty and let the injured Square use the tow.Mar 05, 2008
463 viewsHere is Per trying an American beer while Tommy Fat Cheeks waits patiently for a cheek scratchin'.Mar 05, 2008
Day 2: Saturday438 viewsThe next day the "prom-queens" wash their rides at a children's car wash. The kids made out pretty good; we paid them $3 and we washed our own cars while they watched and asked a bunch of questions. Funny looking cars with their engine in the back can create quite a few.Mar 05, 2008
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