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E-code city lights for Mk.III's with a European light switch

This step requires very basic wiring skills. Very basic. If you don't have them or don't fully understand what's going on here then please let someone who knows what they're doing complete the task. Print out these particular instructions and show them what needs to be done. Please don't email me for details.

If you don't have a European light switch then you'll need to figure out how to turn them on by yourself if you really want to use them. I recommend getting the Euro light switch and save yourself the hassle.

Tap the e-code grey wire into the parking light circuit. The left side (pictured) is a grey wire with a black stripe. The right side is a grey wire with a red stripe. These pictures were taken on the left side looking down into the engine bay.
city light tap

Just a closer picture.
close up

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