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Adjusting controls for the e-codes

Now that the e-codes are installed you will need to align them. If you are going to do this yourself then I recommend Daniel Stern's headlight aiming 'how-to' but any other tech resource will do.

Close-up of the left e-code upper corner where the in/out adjuster is located (the "outer adjuster).

This is where you insert the #3 Phillips screw driver.

Rotating the screw driver CW (clock-wise) will adjust the light inward (to the vehicle's centerline).

Although you could use a #2 Phillips screw driver (as shown) to adjust the light up/down (the "inner adjuster") the fit isn't very good so I recommend using your's much easier. If you are in the position as pictured then rotating the adjuster CCW (counter clock-wise) will aim the light downward.

Okay, I'll try to make this very clear about adjusting the lights: It doesn't matter which light you are in front of (standing in front of the bumper with none of the car behind you), if you rotate the outer adjuster (using the #3 Phillips screw driver) CW the light will move inward; if you rotate the inner adjuster CW (by reaching over the light) the light will move downward. It goes without saying (but I have to anyways) that if you rotate CCW the lights will move in the opposite direction.

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